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Installation of your Dish Lite

IMPORTANT: Do not tighten cable ties securely until installation is complete.

Step 1
Clamp Dish Lite to the arm of your satellite dish using the provided cable ties as shown in Illustration 1. Do not tighten the cable ties completely at this time. You will need to slide the light back and forth to determine the best location on the arm to light your satellite dish.

Step 2
Strap the splitter to your satellite dish mast with the provided cable ties, keeping in mind that the cable from the Dish Lite will need to reach the splitter. Leave sufficient slack in the cable to provide a "drip loop" as shown in Illustration 2.

Step 3
With the printed side of the splitter facing out, connect the cable from the Dish Lite to the bottom of the splitter (Illustration 3).

Step 4
At the LNBF, remove one of the cables coming from your receiver to the LNBF. For now, leave that cable hang free at the antenna mast.

Step 5
Attach the cable jumper supplied with the Dish Lite to the LNBF and to the splitter (Illustration 3), again allowing a "drip loop" as shown in Illustration 2.

Step 6
Now attach the cable you disconnected in Step 4 to the "IN" port on the splitter (See Illustration 3).

Step 7
Secure all the cables with the provided cable ties, then go back and tighten all cable ties. Installation is now complete.

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