Dishlite Satellite Dish Light

DishLite Satellite Dish Light

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DishLite FAQ

Q: How does DishLite work? Do I have to plug it into an outlet?
A: No. DishLite is powered by your satellite receiver. The same coaxial
     cable that runs from your satellite receiver to power the LNBF on the
     satellite dish also powers DishLite. Just make a simple connection
     through a splitter (included).

Q: Will DishLite harm my receiver?
A: No. Although the power does come from your receiver, it can only pass
     one way through our unique splitter.

Q: If it uses the LNBF coax cable, will it affect my satellite signal?
A: No. You won't experience any satellite signal loss. DishLite uses a
     unique splitter (included) so there's no signal loss.

Q: Does the splitter you provide me need to be grounded?
A: No, your system is already grounded with a grounding block that was
    installed when your dish system was initially put up. 

Q: Is this a project I can do myself?
A: Yes. DishLite comes with everything you need, including detailed
     installation instructions, splitter, coaxial cables with connectors and zip
     ties. Take a look at the instructions online for an idea of what is
     involved in installing DishLite on your satellite dish.

Q: What kind of light does DishLite use?
A: DishLite actually contains three small LED lights to effectively light up
     your satellite dish.

Q: How bright is DishLite?
A: The light emitted by the LEDs provides sufficient illumination to view the
     dish image in dusk to dark conditions.

Q: The winters are cold where I live. Will it work in cold weather?
A: Yes. DishLite is designed to operate under both cold winter and hot
     summer conditions.

Q: Does DishLite have a warranty?
A: Yes. DishLite has a 90 day warranty. The LEDs in DishLite have been tested with a 4-year half-life.

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